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slugfest rules

MS Slugfest Official 16” Co-ed Rules

The Roster:

1.  10 players play at a time, 6 men and 4 women play on the field.  Teams may start with 8 players and 3 must be women.

2.  Teams must have at least 3 women playing to start and continue a game.  Teams playing with 3 women must take an automatic out in the batting order in the spot that the 4th woman would bat (typically the last batter of the lineup).

3.  A maximum of 2 male batters may bat in a row at any point in the batting order.

4.  Teams may bat as many batters as they want as long as they do not bat more than 2 males in a row at any point of the batting order.  Teams may move players in and out of any fielding position as long as they remain in the batting order.

5.  Three outfielders are required when women bat.

6.  No player may re-enter the game once he/she has been removed from the batting order.


1.  Batters begin with a 1 and 1 count.

2.  Pitchers may not use any type of fake, jump, or intentional hesitation while pitching.

3.  The arc limits for a pitch is:

    a.   Co-ed 16” 6 ft. minimum, 12 ft. maximum. 

    b.    No Fast or flat pitches are allowed.

    c.    Pitches outside these limits will automatically be called balls, unless the batter swings  
           at the pitch.

4.  Intentional walks for men are not allowed.  If, in the opinion of the umpire, a pitcher is intentionally missing the strike zone in order to walk a male batter and a female batter is next, the female batter has the option of being awarded 1st base.

5.   Third strike foul is an automatic out and a dead ball.

Base Running:

1.  There are NO lead offs or stealing bases.  Runners may only leave the base when the ball crosses home plate, or the ball is hit by the batter.

2.  The NO CONTACT rule is in effect for base runners.  A runner must do everything possible to avoid contact.  Runners do not have to slide…just avoid contact.  Fielders are not entitled to block a base without “having a play” on the runner.  Runners that initiate contact will be called out, and may be ejected from the game at the umpire’s discretion. 

*In the event of contact, it is an umpire’s judgment call, as to which player caused the contact.


1.  Forfeit time is 5 minutes after game time.

2.  There are no restrictions on what positions are played by men or women.

3.  A team may score a MAXIMUM of 10 runs in the first, second and third innings.  Once the 10th run has crossed the plate, the inning is over (3 outs) regardless of the number of runners left on base.  For example, if a team has scored 9 runs in an inning and has the bases loaded, and that team's next batter hits a home run, the run scored by the runner on 3rd base counts to give the team 10 runs for the inning; the runs for the batter and the runners on 1st and 2nd base do not count.

4.  Slaughter rule is 15 or more runs after 4 innings, 10 or more runs after 5 innings.

5.  Out-of-bounds will be designated by the umpire to the team captains prior to game time. Out-of-bounds designations may vary from field to field.

6.  No new inning will start after the 50 minute mark on the clock (not always 50 minutes of playing time).

7.  No foul language will be tolerated.


1. No metal spikes or metal-tipped cleats allowed.

2. Co-ed 16" Glove Rule - women may wear baseball gloves, regardless of position.

3. Bat restrictions

        a. Co-ed 16” Open bat rule any bat may be used

        b. Bats are not supplied by the tournament sponsors - please bring your own.  

Extra Innings

1.  Extra inning rules apply when the game is tied after the 7 inning or has passed the 45 minute mark on the clock (not always 45 minutes of playing time).

2.  Upon the start of the new inning, the last out of the previous inning will be awarded 2nd base and all batters start with a 2-2 count.  Normal rules apply with the home team batting at the bottom of the inning.

**The umpire on duty will have full authority to interpret the tournament rules and to settle all in-game disputes.  The volunteer assigned to monitor the game will report any rule misinterpretations, player complaints, or other protests to the tournament committee for later review, but will not be asked to provide conflict resolution at the time of the given incident.

**All players are expected to respect the nature of this event and to exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship.


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